Enjoy an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, combining certain elements of aroma and music therapy, in order to establish a perfect balance between mind, body and spirit.

- Reanimating Massage
- Relaxing Holistic Massage
- Hot Stone Massage
- Four-Hand Massage
- Balancing Massage
- Facial-Skull Massage
- Massage with four hands of hot stones.
- Wraps (wine, sea mud, chocolatier)
- Facials (Revitalizing, cleansing moisturizer)
- Special massage for pregnant women.


Recovering paradise, transpórtate to a trip in time and lives a millenary prehispanic ritual, whose tradition is a center of purification and healing from the meaning of his words Temaz "vapor" and calli "casa". The energies of the four elements are conjugated within the mother earth's belly.


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